James T. Hodgkinson, Bernie Sanders, Antifa, Mainstream Media, and The Culture of Political Hate

This morning, James T. Hodgkinson went to a Republican baseball practice and started shooting. My prayers go out to Rep. Scalise and the other victims, their families, all the officers that came to the scene (two of whom were injured), and Hodgkinson’s family, who are undoubtedly in the pit.

Hodgkinson’s actions resemble those of a jihadi seeking salvation through the shedding of blood. He was religiously motivated. His religion is a political one. His religion puts the moral code of a party above all other considerations. Instead of shouting, “Allahu akbar!” Hodgkinson asked, “Are these (the people practicing at the baseball diamond) Republicans or Democrats?”

We’ve discovered that he was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter. He wrote copious letters to the editor of his local newspaper in which he regurgitated the Sanders doctrine of soaking the rich to pay for government programs. His social media account was full of diatribes against Republicans. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with political discourse and expressing our political opinions. It’s part of our American tradition, and I know for a fact many of my Republican friends have posted harsh criticisms of Democrats. This is nothing new.

What is new in our modern American experience is that those who sit across the aisle from us are no longer people with whom we disagree. For many, those with whom we disagree have become an evil boogyman. Hodgkinson, like jihadis, believed that when someone is evil (according to their definition of evil), when they are supposedly coming after you, going to attack your way of life, suppress and oppress you, when mere words are weapons that cause physical damage, when you believe the only way to further your agenda is to shut down all opposing views, violence is a reasonable response. This is the calculation that the cult also known as “Antifa” has made. Opposing views are inherently wicked and must be shut down by any means necessary.

Why would Hodgkinson and the Antifa crowd believe all of these things? Author Scott Adams noted that Hodgkinson was “radicalized by the mainstream media.” I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve never been a Trump fan. As a Christian, I don’t believe Trump is fit for high office. He doesn’t have the moral fortitude to resist the temptations of power. In fact, no men or women do without constant accountability checks.

However, when I glance at the news and the absolute hatred the media has for the man, they make me want to defend him! The amount of snark coming from mainstream media publications has exposed what little credibility they’ve had as “objective news sources” (whatever that means) to be a complete fraud. Our media is full of political hacks who are pushing the ideas that radicalized Hodgkinson.

Kathy Griffin thinks dangling a bloody head of Trump is funny.


Joss Whedon tweeted a report about Chechen police arresting and killing gay men, saying, “This is harrowing, and it’s where we’re headed if we don’t unite and act. Please use your #resistance skills to address this atrocity.” Whedon also tweeted a picture of scantily clad Nazi women dancing around a picture of Hitler with the caption, “Inauguration seems festive…”


Keith Olbermann referred to Trump on his provocatively named program The Resistance as, “demagogue, liar, idiot, despot, simpleton, traitor, schmuck, asshole, buck-passer, puppet, lunatic, toddler, fascist, jerk, schmo, schnuck, dipstick, lamebrain, and jackass.” Fascist? Really? Traitor? Maybe James Hodgkinson was listening to Olbermann as well. Apparently, he posted on his Facebook page, “Trump is a Traitor.”

CNN’s Reza Aslan called Trump, “a piece of shit.”

Bob Woodward has noticed the mania over Trump as well. In an interview on MSNBC, Woodward said, “I think it’s time to dial back a little bit about because there are people around … who are kind of binge drinking the anti-Trump Kool-Aid. And that is not going to work in journalism. Let the politicians have that binge drinking.”

SNL skits that mock the administration are covered with the veracity of a real “Spicy” press conference.

Let’s not forget the media stepping all over themselves to make a story out of a Presidential typo. Our government’s been in a war for 16 years, bailed out billionaires, over two million Americans are incarcerated, and covfefe is a story?

I could go on, but I won’t. Just go check out Google news right now, and I’m sure you’ll easily find some article getting snarky with Trump.

The media’s behavior is consistent with their leftist ideology. Sanders famously gathered large crowds of people who loved his message. Sanders singled out one group of people for scorn and ridicule, much as the Republicans have singled out welfare moms and immigrants. According to Sanders, rich people are the cause of all of our problems. They have too much, and they shouldn’t have it. Sanders’ solution? Use the threat of violence from the state to force those wicked rich people to give up their wealth.

Sanders’ recently attacked another group he finds distasteful – Christians. After reading a historically and doctrinally orthodox statement from Russell Vought, President Trump’s nominee to be deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, which stated that Christ is the sole way of salvation (John 14:6) and that all who are not in Christ stand condemned (John 3:18) Sanders went on the attack.

“Do you believe this statement is Islamophobic?” Sanders inquired. Apparently, Sanders couldn’t see the plank in his own eye, as his question was blatantly Christophobic. Sanders attacked historic, orthodox Christianity saying Vought, “is not someone that is what this country is supposed to be about.” Thankfully, the Democratic Party was too corrupt to allow Sanders to have the nomination.

Sanders issued a statement after the attack, saying, “I am sickened by this despicable act. Let me be as clear as I can be. Violence of any kind is unacceptable in our society and I condemn this action in the strongest possible terms.” I’m glad Sanders said this, but the plank in his eye continues to fester. Does he not see that all of his proposals use violence to achieve change? What is involuntary taxation but the use of force to take people’s money from them? Violence is inherent in all leftist ideology, and the experience of the 20th century, in which millions were killed by the left, bears witness to the fact.
Should we be surprised when our politicians make “the other” out to be wicked, unAmerican, evil, Nazis, despots, that people take up arms to fight? Should we be surprised when Antifa decides anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi, and that it’s ok to punch Nazis?

Marxist theology (yes, I said theology) is wicked. Its god is the state. The election of Trump is heresy, an infidel in the temple (aka the White House). It has no understanding of human nature. It believes it can create a perfect world through the will of humanity. It is a Tower of Babel. Am I going against everything I’ve already said? Shouldn’t we all just get along?

It’s fine to call evil for what it is. The difference is that we, as Christians, are called to love our enemy and pray for those who would persecute us. Sanders is wrong. His ideology is dangerous. I have no doubt that if he were put in power we would all suffer. Yet, he needs our prayers, as does our fallen President.

Let’s unite in Christ, and stop letting Republicans and Democrats divide us.


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